From November 17-20, hundreds of activists, leaders, citizens and artists will gather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to share stories, strategy, skills and plans to collaborate. Will you join us?

The People Vs Oil and Gas Summit Pittsburgh PAWhy now:

The oil and gas industry is aggressively expanding — new pipelines, oil trains, LNG export facilities, fracked gas power plants and worse threaten our communities every day. The Trump Administration has made it clear they’ll do anything to support the continued expansion and export of these dirty fossil fuels.

This infrastructure boom threatens to lock in fossil fuel production for decades to come – impacting frontline communities, threatening the global climate, and harming people’s air, water, and health. But across North America, people are rising up to challenge the oil and gas infrastructure boom, fighting instead for a clean energy future.

Whether you’re fighting pipelines, oil trains, refineries, LNG, fracking, tar sands or climate change in general this summit is for you!

Why here

Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania in general, has been on the front lines of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and consumption for too long. We know that the people most affected by fossil fuel development must lead. Nobody knows the impacts of climate and social injustice like they do. They know what it takes to win. Our summit will center communities across the US and Canada fighting for a just transition and a safe climate future. And there is nowhere more central to that fight than Pittsburgh.

Already, our outreach and programming for the summit are being led by grassroots and frontline activists. Take a look at the agenda and you’ll see panels lead by communities of color, Indigenous leaders and frontline activists from all over North America. This is no stuffed-shirt convention or fundraising junket. This is an opportunity for people who are deep in the thick of fights to stop the fossil fuel industry from destroying homes and the communities we love to come together. Only in solidarity can we defeat the “most profitable industry in the history of money.” Only together will we find the strength, resolve, ingenuity and joy to change everything.

See you in Pittsburgh.

Drew, Robby, Vanessa, Emily, Matt, and the rest of the PvOG digital team

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