As part of getting excited for the summit, we wanted to introduce you to some of the people who are coming.

Hello! I’m Jenny Lisak from Punxsutawney, PA

We have several fracking fights going on in our area because, despite Pennsylvania having been deemed geologically inappropriate for injection wells, the industry is pushing really hard to get them up and running — including in residential areas.

Even though several affected communities in the area are trying to protect themselves from fracking with ordinances or bans, they’re facing a lot of legal pressure. For example, the industry and the Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection are actually suing one of our communities who are fighting against an injection well. While this is extremely intimidating for many of our poor rural townships, the good news is that we’re not standing down and, collectively, are refusing to be bullied.

Generally, we try what we can to win and collaborate with other groups in our region to build our power. We testify, comment, post and tweet, write letters, keep our legislators and neighbors informed, protest, hold public events and keep tight hold of hope.

It’s never been more important to work locally and at the state level because Trump’s team is colluding with climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry pals. For me, I’m looking forward to going to the People vs Oil and Gas Summit so I can re-energize, collaborate, and enjoy the support of our fellow fighters.

Jenny is a Jefferson County farmer and, in her free time, she compiles The List of the Harmed through the Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air — a website that has archived hundreds of testimonials from people nationally who have suffered ill effects from the shale rush. The reports range from the less acute (headaches, quality-of-life complaints like homes perpetually covered in dust) to lethal. Her work fills a gap created by the unwillingness of state and federal environmental officials to compile these reports, or at times even to collect complaints from citizens.

It’s not too late to RSVP – if you’ve been on the fence, click here to join Veronica and over 200 other amazing activists in Pittsburgh this November!

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