As part of getting excited for the summit, we wanted to introduce you to some of the people who are coming. Today we’d like you to meet:

Hello, I’m John Fenton from Pavillion, WY

We’re fighting all of it – from the rig that is right outside the house to the basic injustice of this industry and the government. But we’ve never been as prepared as right now.

My proudest moment in this fight was realizing just how diverse the world is- and this movement has showed me that there’s more to the world than I thought. In my town, we have white folks and native folks working together to fight the industry. It made me finally realize what I thought is normal, is not. There’s a world out there that cares, is different, and is trying to make things better. I wouldn’t have made the friends and relationships I have without being a part of this movement [fighting oil and gas]. And I’m proud that people recognize they can fight back like I have.

It’s important for all the people fighting — all the movements — to know that you’re not alone in this work. This summit, and the meetings like it, make us stronger by building and learning together.

And that’s especially true for folks working at the local and state level.

Even where I live in WY, with the largest margin of victory for trump, people are realizing that he’s not as good as he sold himself to be. Everyone promises us that they are going to make the world better — but this work has shown me the only real way to create change is through fighting in our communities.

I’m excited to come to Pittsburgh and learn more about public campaigning and public speaking, and doing coalition work. I also want to use technology against them- the way we have with flir camera recordings of Methane leaks.

John Fenton is from Wyoming, USA and has 24 gas wells on his land. He has been living with the direct impacts of a gas field like ground, water, and air pollution; surface degradation; property devaluation; and, other significant effects. He has become a leading activist in the US against unconventional gas and was featured in Josh Fox’s Gasland film.

It’s not too late join John, and hundreds of other activists at the conference! Click here to RSVP and join us.

And if you’ll be in Pittsburgh on the 20th, RSVP to join us for a great morning of action at the headquarters of some of the biggest frackers, pipeline-builders, and assorted polluters in America. RSVP and find out more here.

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